Memory Lanes Productions is an India-based company, that specialises in wedding and event photography. We are more than just good photographers and cinematographers – we are a team of passionate storytellers.

We come from diverse backgrounds – engineers, bankers, bikers, recruiters and even professionally schooled photographers. What binds this motley crew of creative professionals is our love for the shutter and unbridled passion for storytelling. A picture, no matter how well shot and technically sound is worthy enough for us only when it tells a great story.

We believe every event has a soul and we capture it for your memory lanes in a manner that you remember every little detail – the fragrance, the warmth, the taste and the joy those moments brought to you. It is this love for the moments frozen in time that gave life to Memory Lanes Productions. Our expertise remains is in discovering and documenting the series of moments that bring out the story of your special day.

So come, relive the magic of your life’s most special celebrations !


Suman Chakravarthy

Suman sees life in motion and freezes the most inspiring moments through photography. A self-taught photographer who has an eye for frames, he not only captures beauty in people but also their emotions. He is an expert in shooting people, events and wildlife. Suman is known famously for his unassuming and grounded behavior despite being a creative person at the zenith of his career.

Suman holds a master’s in business administration and his other interests span across equity trading, wildlife and astro-photography, teaching and travelling. Before turning into a popular Wedding and Lifestyle photographer, Suman founded a travel company focused on offbeat destinations and later was part of an up- market concept restaurant with his friends, Irani Chai.


Aakruti brings colorful boundaries to the pastels at Memory Lanes Productions. She is at the 'business end' of the partnership and also has a keen interest in shooting people and capturing magical moments. While coming into her own as a formidable photographer, she imbibes all signs of the hallmark Suman Chakri passion and humility.

Aakruti holds a master's degree in business administration. Before taking on the entrepreneurship mantle with Suman, she worked at Google and Facebook.

While Suman brings in creativity, Aakruti brings structure into their work. In weddings, they complement each other and work towards bringing in completeness to the journey.

Even, when they are not shooting amazing moments, they still do amazing things - they love traveling, star-gazing, experimenting with different cuisines in the kitchen, hanging out with their family, friends, and with their very popular boxer pet, Stark (named after you know who!)


Suman Chakri photography left our entire family spellbound after he shot my brother's wedding. His love for photography speaks volumes through his pictures, his creativity and timing manages to capture the beauty and essence of the event. Being someone who hates to pose I was definite Suman Chakri &Co would be the best choice for my wedding; his team proved it again by giving us candid captures which will forever help us relive the memories of those precious moments.

- Shourya Reddy

Right from the beginning, from being flexible about the many date changes to finalizing every single detail the team has been the best. They blended right in and captured every moment that took place. Looking at the pictures makes me relive the whole thing. Thank you to the entire team and especially Suman and Aakruti for coordinating with me and being so patient the entire time. Suman is like this invisible person at the event. You never even know he's there. I'm so glad I went with him. Best decision ever

- Sravya Mummaneni

Suman did a fantastic job for my wedding in 2011. The trend of candid photography was catching up around 2010-2011, and Suman was one of the first to gain a strong foothold in it. He captured many a priceless moment, and was super cooperative while at it. His calm demeanor and attentive nature made it so easy for us to work with him. Would recommend him without thinking twice!!

- Aparna Reddy

Having Suman as a concept photographer for our wedding was a far fetched dream. but luckily got to meet him through a common friend. once we spoke, he made it really simple and was very flexible with all the travel/accommodation arrangements. Suman is Affable, down to earth, Extremely creative, patient,Hassle free and flexible... Thanks for giving us some brilliant shots as memories forever!!!

- Suchitra Krishnia

Both Aakruti and Suman are Super Awesome people and I loved every minute of my shoot!! They are both really professional and made me feel like I knew them for ages. It was just so magical.

- Shruti Deshmukh

It’s been a year and a half we got married and even today the first thing our proud families flaunt about the wedding is hiring Suman Chakri! He did not just cover the ceremonies but emotions attached to every ceremony. I felt like a star through those 4 days because he was hiding in some corner and capturing every emotion and expression for the two of us. Thank you Suman Chakri for making our wedding beautiful and giving us memories that are beyond beautiful.

- Nishka Agarwal

We approached sumanchakri for the first time for our son's 3rd year photoshoot through an email and we promptly got a reply back from aakruti within a day. Many of today's photographers are not easily accessible and this is wat impressed me for the first time. Suman- I call him a no mess photographer :) He is calm and a very simple man who does his job perfectly. He doesn't ask you to pose. He perfectly captures the natural shots. My son felt quite comfortable with him. On the other hand Aakruti is a perfect partner who balances things and see everything falls in place. She is quite friendly. On the whole the duo makes u feel like working with them again and again.

- Vinuthana Gorripati