He must have been her shooting star, for he was everything that she wished for.

Each one of us here at MLP is a fanatic of profound love stories. When the story begins in Spain, we have every reason to be! While we don’t discount the beauty of arranged marriages one bit, there is something intrepid about collegial love stories. They take us back in time, and leave us reminiscing of the good old days of love, laughter, and all such bliss. The MLP team feels fortunate to be a part of the dreamlike, vivacious journey of Sneha and Paaritosh, whose story will want to make you pack your bags and gear up for grad school right away. But not in pursuit of a degree this time!

When the couple met at school for the first time, their souls embraced each other instantaneously. Albeit chocolate cake and fondue were the serious culprits, their other escapades gave them further conviction that they wanted to share the rest of their lives with one another. To share not the sweetness alone, but even the sorrow or any bitter pill that life hurls at them.  Here’s to the magic of love, beauty of serendipities and magnificence of marriage!

Prologue written by Aparna Reddy, Team MLP