Friends like family.

We have seen plenty. We have been through plenty. We have had the privilege to capture innumerous moments filled with joie de vivre, shared truckloads of happiness with people who don’t even speak the same first language. We have laced stories that families would treasure for life, and met incredible individuals whom we would treasure for life. But for a change, we were not behind the lens this time. We entrusted our team to handle it all, and took a back seat to revel in our dearest friend’s wedding festivities!It was a tad too tempting to not do what we love doing ­­– immortalizing those invaluable, vivacious, and ceremonious moments – so we irresistibly clicked a few scintillating pictures of one of our most favourite couples.

Their story began at a concert and there was no looking back ever since. After creating plenty of amazing memories together, they promised to stay by each other’s’ side, to tireless carry the weight of one another, through love, joy, and even any harsh tide. An amorous couple, whose journey embodies nothing but sheer poetry, will leave you twirling into reverie, wishing something as magical and as surreal happens to you as well – Prologue written by Aparna Reddy, Team MLP