You cross paths with a million different people during the course of your life. Rarely will you stumble upon someone who touches the innermost realm of your heart, one who unremittingly believes in you even when many choose not to. It is difficult we don’t deny, but when you find the one who has locks that perfectly fit your keys, life changes, you change and the rest is a fairytale.

We, at Memory Lanes, have closely witnessed one such fairytale and have been lucky enough to encapsulate a few precious moments, giving you a sneak peek into a lifetime of happiness – the real-life saga of P & N, which is not very far from the reel-like reveries we hanker after, leaves us with firm conviction that magic rains down like stars on us when we least expect it. Unforeseen and unintended, the tale began to unfold with a single email, entwining souls that were brimming with passion and prowess. The similarities were impeccable and the friendship was inevitable. She saw his profile and gave him a chance; together they worked and eventually made it to Cannes! Standing up for herself, making her iron courage an anchor those oscillating between daring and discontent, she made it happen for them, guaranteed that she wouldn’t find someone as real and genuine as him.

A little bit of craziness harmed none, but here we have a tad too much for the rest to comprehend. Their bond recreated magic – an animated, roller-coaster journey full of experiences, escapades and exuberance. A life full of thank yous and oh my gods is a star gaze for the world, but not for these insouciant, intrepid little souls.

Prologue written by Aparna Reddy, (the most adorable) Creative Content Writer, Team MLP