Sneha & Paaritosh

He must have been her shooting star, for he was everything that she wished for. Each one of us here at MLP is a fanatic of profound love stories. When the story begins in Spain, we have every reason to be! While we don’t discount the beauty of arranged marriages one... read more

Shraddha & Shoy

Friends like family. We have seen plenty. We have been through plenty. We have had the privilege to capture innumerous moments filled with joie de vivre, shared truckloads of happiness with people who don’t even speak the same first language. We have laced stories... read more

Priyanka & Nagi

You cross paths with a million different people during the course of your life. Rarely will you stumble upon someone who touches the innermost realm of your heart, one who unremittingly believes in you even when many choose not to. It is difficult we don’t deny, but... read more

Shreya & Parthiv

We were invited to this lovely two-states wedding a couple years ago. They don’t say for no reason that opposites attract. If she defined calm, he was a total power house of energy.  It is this balance that got these two beautiful people together. Here’s... read more

Vamsi & Havishya

When Vamsi invited us to their wedding, he was very clear and super excited to have ‘his’ team of photographers. Given this was coming from the groom this time (read – first time!) we couldn’t be less excited. The week long celebrations across... read more